Notes in Lieu of A G M 2020

Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Club Ltd


23 April 2020

With the current Government restrictions, the Annual General Meeting of EHVC Ltd

could not take place as usual.

The Directors have discussed various AGM matters in order to keep the business of

EHVC running and to satisfy our Limited Company status.

Agreed that AGM actions / decisions will be put to a short ‘AGM’ tacked onto one of

our Club Meetings later in the year – possibly September – to formally ratify matters

where necessary..

Agenda Item 5:

Minutes of the AGM held on 25 April 2019 agreed and will be signed by the

Chairman and Secretary.

Agenda Item 8 - Finance Director’s Report:

Report and recommendations agreed

Agenda Item 9 – Election of Directors for 2020/2021:

Under Article 5.4(a): the Existing Directors have agreed to continue to serve for the

coming year.

Under Article 5.4(b): 2 nominations were received from members wishing to stand as

Directors. Sharon Winter and Alan Hodges. Vacancies exist on the current Board.

As a formal vote of Members could not take place, the existing Directors have agreed

to co-opt Sharon and Alan, which is allowed for in our Articles.

Company Secretary (Mike Bray) to action as necessary with Companies House.

Agenda Item 10 – Donations:

Formal authority for the Board to action, to wait until later in the year.

Agenda Item 11 – Peter Uridge Shield:

2 nominations received.

Board decision awaited as to whether Directors will decide or whether the award be

postponed until later in the year.

Agenda Item 12 – AOB:

Festival of Transport:

The decision on whether the FOT can proceed may well be a Government decision

and out of our hands. At the present time, the show is ON. It is recognised that the

situation may change at any time.

However, agreed that:

The situation will be kept under review and a decision will be made at the latest in

late June / early July.

If the decision is still in our hands, the FOT Executive will advise the full EHVC

Board, who will then make the final decision for 2020. (This course of action will

protect, particularly the FOT Executive, and ensure there can be no undue criticism of

actions from either EHVC members or the general public).