Transport Preservation Awards

The Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Club was formed in 1973 by a group of enthusiastic individuals whose joint interest was a field of transport preservation.


Over the years, the club has become well known in the area through its promotion of two major events, the Eastbourne Collectors Fair and, since 1976, the Festival of Transport at Hellingly.


Both events have been successful in raising money for local charities, for transport preservation projects such as the Chalk Pits Museum and the Kent and East Sussex Railway.


Some members have voiced the opinion that the club should be doing more to encourage local preservation projects and so it was decided to promote a new and prestigious award scheme with this aim in mind.


We look forward to hearing from you.




The awards will be given to entries under the following categories and only entries which fall into these categories will be eligible for judging


Category 1

Any building, material or other artefact which comprises of or contributes to the infrastructure or historical background of our transport heritage.


Category 2

Any item or artefact of a mechanical nature which in the normal course of usage remains stationary whilst performing its essential function. Items in this category can be of general industrial archaeological interest related to transport whilst not themselves constituting a means of transport.


Category 3

Any means of road transport which is powered by an internal combustion engine and is for the coneyance of one or more persons and or material from one point to another. Entry must have been built before December 1970.


Category 4

Any means of road transport which is powered by steam and is for the conveyance of one or more persons and material from one point to another.


Category 5

Any other means of transport (rail sea or air) which is for the conveyance of one or more persons or material from one point to another.  The entry must have been built before December 1970.


                                                     You may not enter under more than one category

Contact Details

Mr Dave Bone

Little Manor,

Lower Horsebridge,

East Sussex

BN27 4DH

01323  843186

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Entry Forms and Rules.

Some Past entrants

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